Concept 2 Solution C2S
Robert Kearns III


Owner, Mechanical Designer

Bob started at C2S when it was still Schmidt Engineering Inc, back in 2001.  He came from a background of machine parts design, workflow print creation and manufacturing.  In 2007 he purchased Schmidt Engineering from the original owner.  In 2008 the name was changed to Concept 2 Solution, Inc.  

Over the years he's been integral in developing programs for Sony, Gardner Bender, Samsung, HEB, and many many more.  His love for all things mechanical allow him to lead the team to find solutions that best suite our customers.

Adam Gauthier


Mechanical Designer

Adam Gauthier, a graduate of the Tool and Die design program at Moraine Park Technical College has been a Mechanical Designer for the Special Machining group of Briggs and Stratton and then has been a mechanical designer at C2S for over 10 years. He has been involved in a wide variety of projects from road construction equipment to air freshener displays. Adam enjoys creating and testing new design ideas using our various 3D printers, water jet machine and other tools of the trade.  Adam is our go-to man for figuring out new pieces of equipment and creating processes to integrate them into our array of services we offer

Austin Goeden


Mechanical Designer

Austin Goeden was hired directly out of school and has been with Concept 2 Solution Since 2014.  As a Mechanical designer, Austin mainly works on projects using Solidworks.  Because our team is so versatile, Austin is adept at various things including 3D printing, 3D scanning, reverse engineering, machining, and all other jobs C2S has to offer.  Outside of work Austin likes to be outdoors, hunting, fishing, four wheeling, racing, and rebuilding vehicles.  Austin has gained so much knowledge over the past years and continues to learn each and every day.

Chris Stuper

Chris Stuper

Mechanical Designer

Chris Stuper has been with Concept 2 Solution since 2016.  From packaging machine development to working on large mining equipment or point of purchase and retail displays and a wide variety of projects in between, Chris has been exposed to mechanical disciplines of a wide range.  Having come from a mechanical family, going into mechanical design was an easy choice, the curiosity of how things work also helps with figuring out how to get things done.  At C2S, figuring out what a customer needs, often in a short amount of time, occurs almost daily.